It Started With 1 Fixer-Upper

I started my real estate journey first with investing. My husband and I decided to sell our home in the suburbs for a fixer-upper near OSU because we saw the potential and wanted a change. For the next year, we renovated most of the home ourselves: paint, flooring, cabinets, bathroom, and a major exterior overhaul.

Quiet mornings with the family, reading, getting outside, checking off everything on the "to-do" list. 

daily rituals:

Hanging with my 2 kids, tackling another DIY project, walking the neighborhood, discovering new places to take the kids. 


Straight talk, following-through, prioritizing health & family, and cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.


A few years later, I decided to make it official and become a licensed realtor. I thought I would mostly continue my own projects, but once I started helping friends and family, I had a new found love for the business.  Real Estate coupled with my background of sales and marketing was the perfect fit. 

Through my personal experiences and with clients, I've learned to see real estate through a different lens. Yes, I want every client to love their home, but seeing a home through the lens of value, appreciation, and profits is a strategy to set you up for the future whether you plan to sell one day, turn that property into an investment, or love it forever!

I love helping my clients reach their real estate goals whether:  buying, selling or investing. If you're ready 

 I’ve learned to see the potential in homes, crunch the numbers, discover hidden deals, and help my clients get the most out of their home when selling.

 We were planning to rent the home, but later sold when we received an offer we couldn’t refuse. I had bought and sold our homes before, but this was the first time I really saw how lucrative real estate could be. From that first fixer-upper, we moved on to another property just 7 houses down and then kept going!

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